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Not for Nothin'
It's always gonna be somethin'
Yeah yeah in life
Be prepared for tomorrow
But don't forget to enjoy today
You may not solve all your problems
So take it easy along the way
When ever your feeling down
A simple prayer
Will turn your frown around
Just smile and be thankful
Good thoughts create a good reality
Not For Nothin'
It's Always gonna be somethin'
Keep on Pushin'
And keep Believin'
Don't let your emotions
Get the best of you
Put your trust in him
And he will see
He will see you through
Sometimes you just have to wait and see
Keep your faith on solid ground
And believe everything's gonna be alright
Not for Nothin'
It's Always gonna be Somethin'
So Keep on Pushin'
One day at a time
And keep Believin'
Not For Nothin'